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Dinghy Race Results

Spring Plate

20th April 2024

1st - Widgeon (S Davies)

2nd - Jacob (S Coomber)

3rd - Emma (C Smith)

GSC Regatta

7th July 2024

1st - Phoenix (G Honey)

2nd - Avocet (T Parkinson)

3rd - Crystal Dawn (C Steer)

4th - Zenith (S Coomber)

5th - Attilla (D Allen)

5th - Emma (D Bradley)

5th - Proud Mary (P Bowden)

8th - Ozone Friendly (H DM)

9th - Hazy Daze (R Twyman)

10th - Widgeon (S Davies)

Dinghy 1

27th April 2024

1st - Stanley (D Bradley)

2nd - Emma (C Smith)

Dinghy 2

11th May 2024

1st - Widgeon (S Davies)

2nd - Crystal Dawn (C steer)

3rd - Emma (C Smith)

DNF - Ozone Friendly (J DM)

DNF - Jacob - (S Coomber)

Tea Time Trophy

14th June 2024

1st - Hazy Daze (R Twyman)

2nd - Crystal Dawn (C Steer)

3rd - Widgeon (S Davies)

4th - Emma (C Smith)

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